Term Assurance

A Life Insurance policy will pay a lump sum or a regular income (see Family Income Benefit) to the estate or designated beneficiaries of the deceased should they die within the term of the policy.

Term Assurance – is a life insurance policy with a fixed term (i.e. 10 or 25 years – maximum available term is usually 40 years)

Whole of Life – is life insurance that remains in place until the death of the policy holder provided the monthly premiums are maintained.

Whether or not to have life insurance can sometimes present a dilemma. Do you need it? Do you have to have it?

The simple answer is no, it’s not essential and you don’t have to have it if you don’t want it. So, if you don’t want it you don’t have to go any further! 

It might seem strange to hear that especially as the purpose of this website is to provide life insurance and other related cover but we don’t want you to feel as though you are being misled or put under any pressure to apply for cover from here now.

There may be several reasons why you are looking into life insurance: (click the boxes)


1/ I want to make sure my family is taken care of if I die
2/ I want to know the mortgage will be cleared if I die
3/ If I die while my children are young I want them to have a head start in life
4/ I don’t want the indignity of someone else paying for my funeral
5/ I want my children to know I was a responsible person with life insurance
6/ If it takes an hour of my time to get it sorted, it’s worth it


If you have ticked just one of the boxes above you have a good enough reason to have life insurance in place.

The only question you now need to ask yourself is ‘how much can I afford?’

You can have an amount of life insurance based on how much you can afford to pay each month.

You simply say how much you want to spend and we’ll tell you how much cover you can have.

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Alternatively, life cover should be based on how much money will be required by your family if you die so they can clear your debts and have a better future.

Use the calculator below to work out how much cover you might need:

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Credit Cards
Funeral Costs
University Fees
Other Debts
Other Expenses

If you require life insurance with existing medical conditions or health problems then speaking with a ‘whole of market’ adviser will give you better chance of finding cover.

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