Pru Relaxed about Recreational Flying

PruProtect, the life insurance arm of Prudential takes a relaxed approach to underwriting when it comes to recreational flying of Hang Gliders, Gliders, Microlights and other small fixed wing aircraft.

In the majority of cases they are happy to offer ‘standard’ rates for Life & Serious Illness Cover regardless of how many hours a person flies per year.

Even more astonishing is at the moment they can also offer ‘standard’ rates to people who are learning to fly and who don’t yet have a PPL. They appear to be the only insurer in the UK who is currently able to do this.

The reason they are able to do this is based on the knowledge that the majority of recreational fliers in the UK probably aren’t flying a high number of hours due to other commitments and weather conditions.

Most mainstream insurers in the UK will ‘load’ a policy which increases the basic price of cover if a flier has no PPL, little experience or is flying more than a certain number of hours per year.

So if you are seeking cover or you are paying more than you should just because you fly a hang glider, glider, microlight or small fixed wing aircraft then there should be no need to pay over the top for life insurance or critical illness cover.

Any stunt flying, organised competition racing or record attempts may still have an impact on the price.

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