Life Insurance for Overweight People

Being overweight can affect the price and sometimes the ability to obtain life insurance.

Life insurance companies use several factors to determine what risks are involved in offering someone life insurance.

Being overweight can cause serious health problems in later life and this is why life insurance companies are more cautious when offering cover to overweight people.

Life insurance companies ask a variety of questions to try and find out what level of risk is involved and they will need to know a persons height and weight and in some instances their waist or dress size.

The use the height and weight to calculate the applicants BMI (Body Mass Index) which is a scale classifies people into categories such as ‘underweight, healthy weight, overweight, obese etc.

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Fortunately not all insurance companies view overweight people in the same way.

Some are able to offer more favourable terms and may not increase the price by as much as other insurers.

Some insurance companies may even decline cover to overweight people with a very high BMI but there are some companies who may still be able to offer life insurance.

The best way to find life insurance for overweight people is to speak to a specialist adviser who can approach companies on your behalf, before you actually apply and find out what they can offer.

If a person is charged more for life insurance because they are overweight and they then lose some weight, they can review their insurance and lower the monthly premiums.

Even if someone has been turned down by one insurance company for being overweight it does not mean they wont be able to get cover somewhere else. Insurance companies look at cases quite differently from one another and an independent broker will be able to research the market.