Life Insurance & Critical Illness Cover for Women

When it comes to life insurance, being a woman or a man makes little difference but critical illness cover does differ from one insurer to the next and some are more suitable for women.

Cancer is one of the core illnesses covered by critical illness cover but even the types and levels of cancer that are covered are different from insurer to insurer.

Generally, cancer needs to be ‘invasive’ so a small isolated tumour may not result in a successful claim.

However, if a small benign tumour is found in a breast and the tumour can be removed, there is still a possibility a mastectomy will be performed to reduce the chance of the cancer spreading or reoccurring.

Some insurance companies will pay a claim if a full mastectomy is required.

Some will not.

Of the life insurance companies who do offer this cover, some will pay out more than others.

For example, some will pay a maximum of £10,000, others will pay up to £25,000 and some will pay a percentage of the total critical illness cover.

The insurance companies who do offer mastectomy cover are clearly more suitable for women.

Statistics about breast cancer show that 125 women are diagnosed each day, the incidence rate has increased by 50% in the last 25 years and women with a mother, sister or daughter diagnosed with breast cancer have almost double the risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer themselves.

Critical illness cover for children is generally offered free of charge with the parents cover by most insurance companies. The cover is usually up to a certain amount – typically £25,000 and provides cover until the child reaches age 18.

But the actual number of children’s illnesses that are covered varies between insurers. 

To get the maximum benefit from a critical illness policy it is important for anyone, especially women to look closely at the insurance cover on offer and to be aware of the different options that are available.