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Doctors Income Protection – Accident & Sickness or Illness Insurance Cover for Doctors

Doctors receive sick pay on a sliding scale from the point NHS employment starts and the full sick pay entitlement is not reached until after 5 years of service. The NHS sick pay entitlement is as follows: 0 – 3 months service = No sick pay. 3 – 12 months service = 1 month full […]

Self Employed Income Protection Insurance Cover

Self employed people don’t get sick pay and because benefits from the Government are nothing more than a token gesture it is important to take out an insurance policy that will provide cover for income in the event of a sickness, accident or disability. When it comes to short term sickness cover there is income […]

Life Insurance & Critical Illness Cover for Women

When it comes to life insurance, being a woman or a man makes little difference but critical illness cover does differ from one insurer to the next and some are more suitable for women. Cancer is one of the core illnesses covered by critical illness cover but even the types and levels of cancer that are covered are different […]

Life Insurance with Medical Conditions

Trying to find life insurance with medical conditions or health problems can be a frustrating task. Being turned down could make you think cover is not possible but that may not be the case. Different insurance companies have different guidelines depending on the particular medical condition and where one might say no, another could say yes! […]

Life Insurance for Trainee & Student Pilots + Critical Illness Cover

There is usually a cost associated with learning to fly and, if the training forms part of a career path towards flying for a living then, the cost can be in excess of £50,000 – £100,000. This is usually repaid over a period of time from proceeds of future employment as a fully qualified pilot. […]

Why PruProtect Essentials?

A quick review of PruProtect’s new offering (PruProtect Essentials) suggests they have removed some of the key selling points of their cover to create a cheaper ‘budget’ option. The questions that need to be asked are ‘does it make their Essentials cover inferior?’ and ‘will anyone actually benefit from the cheaper option?’ So what are the main differences between […]