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Life Insurance Advice is Free – So Get Some

Is it worth getting advice about life insurance? It is thought of by many as a straightforward type of insurance that just pays an amount of money if a policy holder dies but there is a lot more to it than that. There are many different ways life insurance policies can be set up and tailored to offer […]

Own Occupation – Income Protection and Critical Illness

Considered to be the ‘Golden Egg’ of income protection and also the disability benefits of critical illness cover, Own Occupation cover is more likely to result in a successful claim. What does it mean and why is it so much better? Cover that is based on an individuals ‘own occupation’ will quite simply pay a valid […]

Income Protection Review – Always a Good Idea

Reviewing your income protection is sensible throughout the life of your policy because as your life changes so will your income protection needs. A few of the main reasons an income protection review should be carried out include: An increase or reduction of income If your income goes up, you will be able to increase the amount […]

Income Protection Advice – Help & Information

Income protection advice or thorough research is the only way to make sure a policy will actually do what it is supposed to. There are many different types of cover and numerous options available which can make it easy to end up with the wrong solution in the absence of good income protection advice. Having […]

Life Insurance & Critical Illness Policy in Trust

In 2010 it was estimated that only 5% of all new life insurance policies were placed in ‘trust’. The only excuse for this is advisers are not doing a good enough job. Placing a policy in trust is a free service offered by life insurance companies. All it takes is one form which isn’t very […]

Terminal Illness Cover is not the same as Critical Illness Cover

Many people with life insurance which includes Terminal Illness Cover think that is is the same as Critical Illness Cover but it isn’t. The biggest difference is: Terminal Illness – an illness from which you will die in the next 12 months. Critical Illness – an illness which you could recover from and even return to a normal […]

Life Insurance for Overweight People

Being overweight can affect the price and sometimes the ability to obtain life insurance. Life insurance companies use several factors to determine what risks are involved in offering someone life insurance. Being overweight can cause serious health problems in later life and this is why life insurance companies are more cautious when offering cover to […]

Pru Relaxed about Recreational Flying

PruProtect, the life insurance arm of Prudential takes a relaxed approach to underwriting when it comes to recreational flying of Hang Gliders, Gliders, Microlights and other small fixed wing aircraft. In the majority of cases they are happy to offer ‘standard’ rates for Life & Serious Illness Cover regardless of how many hours a person flies […]

Deferred Period – Income Protection/Accident & Sickness Insurance

Just what is a ‘deferred period’ and why is it important? Imagine this scenario: You are in a 9 – 5 job and you get sick pay. Your sick pay may only pay you for 6 or 12 months but after that it stops. What happens if you’re seriously ill or injured? Well, if your […]

Level Life Insurance Vs. Family Income Benefit

When taking out life insurance for a mortgage there are 3 ways life insurance can be set up to make sure the mortgage is cleared. If it is a ‘repayment’ mortgage and the debt keeps going down, the cheapest life cover is ‘decreasing’ cover which also goes down over time. If the mortgage is ‘interest only’ […]